Digital Vitrified Tiles

What are Digital Vitrified Tiles?

Digital Vitrified Tiles

Digital vitrified tiles are a type of porcelain tile that is over-glazed with a layer of glass to create an ultra glossy finish. This means that these tiles can be cleaned more easily than other types and they also resist scratches better. They come in many finishes, including high gloss, matte, vintage, stone texture and more! Digital vitrified tiles also known as digital glazed vitrified tiles.

How is Digital Vitrified Tiles Made?

Digital Vitrified Tiles Manufacturing Process

Digital vitrified tiles are made by first firing the porcelain tile in a kiln at over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. They then apply a layer of liquid glass to the surface and bake it on for about 30 minutes until they reach approximately 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, which sets the glaze into place.

Advantages of Digital Vitrified Tiles?

Digital vitrified tiles are resistant to scratches and stains, making them an excellent choice for any high traffic area in your home.

Resists water stains and is easy to clean.

They also resist fingerprints better than other types of tile and can be cleaned effortlessly with just soap and water!

Come in many different finishes, including high gloss and matte.

Can be used as an accent wall for a bold pop of color! .

One final advantage is that digital vitrified tiles come in a variety of finishes so you're sure to find the perfect one for your space!

Disadvantages of Digital Vitrified Tiles?

The only downside to digital vitrified tiles is that they're more expensive than other types of tile. They also take a little longer to install, but the time spent is worth it for their durability!

If you want high-quality stone with less maintenance requirements and without the sticker shock, then you should consider purchasing digital vitrified tiles from Adminvitrified Pvt. Ltd!

Where You Can Use Digital Vitrified Tiles?

Digital vitrified tiles are perfect for any place in your home where you need a glossy surface. They make excellent flooring material and can be used as an alternative to marbles or other natural stones like limestone, travertine or slate.

They also work well with backsplashes and create a sophisticated look when combined with kitchen cabinets that have glossy finishes. Here are some different places where we you can use these tiles:

digital vitrified tiles on wall


Digital vitrified tiles also work well for wall applications, giving a glossy finish to any space. They can be used as an alternative to painted walls or other types of tile with the same material like ceramic.


Digital vitrified tiles work well as the main flooring material in any place where you need a glossy surface. Digital vitrified floor tiles make excellent floors for bathrooms, kitchens or even hallways and are easy to maintain with just soap and water.

digital vitrified tiles on flooring
digital vitrified tiles in Living Room

Living Room

Digital vitrified tiles can be used in your living room as an alternative to marble or other stone flooring options. Living room digital vitrfied tiles create a sophisticated and glossy look that you will love!


Digital vitrified tiles work well as flooring options in any kitchen. They are easy to clean and come in many different finishes, making them a great choice for your home.

digital vitrified tiles in Kitchen
digital vitrified tiles in shower

Bathroom Or Shower

If you're looking for a perfect finish in your bathroom, digital vitrified tiles are an excellent choice. They can be combined with any type of shower or bathtub and come in many finishes to match the theme that you have going on!


Digital vitrified tiles can also be used for stairways in your home. It's a great way to add some flair and personality to an otherwise bland space.

digital vitrified tiles in stairs
digital vitrified tiles in hallway


Digital vitrified tiles are a perfect choice for hallways in your home. You can combine them with any type of flooring to create a custom look, and they're easy to maintain regardless of where you put them!

Different Finishes

Rustic digital vitrified tiles


Rustic digital vitrified tiles are made to look like natural stones, with a rough and textured surface. They often come in earthy colors and leave behind an aged appearance that is perfect for those who want something different!

Satin Digital Vitrified Tiles


Satin finishes a high-gloss and reflective finish that is perfect for bathrooms or kitchens. It can be combined with any color to create the look you're going for in your space.

Matte Digital Vitrified Tiles


A low-gloss, matte finish that is made for those who prefer a more natural look or want to avoid the slippery feel of high gloss finishes. It also comes in many different colors and textures!

Elevation Tiles


Elevation tiles are a high gloss finish that is made to look like new and glossy. They come in many different colors with the perfect sheen for any living space!

Granite Glossy Digital Vitrified Tiles

Granite Glossy

A Granite glossy digital vitrified tile that looks like natural stone to create the perfect statement piece for your room.

stone look digital vitrified tiles

Stone Texture

Stone textures are created to look like natural stone, with imperfections that mimic what you might see in a brick or marble pattern. They can come in many sizes and colors!

Different Colors

Digital vitrified tiles are available in various colors. The most popular ones being black, white and brown. If you have a specific color preference then you can specify that at the time of purchase or mention it to your tile supplier before they start making them for you. Below we provide details about different colors in which our digital vitrified tiles are available:


White Digital Vitrified Tiles

White digital vitrified tiles are one of the best options for a flooring or wall tile that will not only be durable and long-lasting, but also offer unique benefits. These include:

Affordability - white vitrified tiles come in different price points that can suit any budget. They're available at all prices ranging from affordable to high-end.

Durability - white vitrified tiles are extremely durable and can withstand the wear and tear of any living situation. This makes them ideal for a kitchen, bathroom or outdoor area where they will be used extensively every day


Black Digital Vitrified Tiles

Black vitrified tiles are typically used for outdoor projects and they're some of the most durable on the market. They can help protect against frost, snow and ice.

Low Maintenance - unlike other material like porcelain or granite, black digital vitrified tiles don't require any annual maintenance to keep them looking great.


Grey vitrified tiles are often used in bathrooms or kitchens for their classic, elegant look. They can also be used in any flooring project for a subtle, yet elegant look.

Grey Digital Vitrified Tiles
Red Digital Vitrified Tiles


Red vitrified tiles are the ideal choice for kitchens or bathrooms that need an interesting and eye-catching touch to them. They're sure to catch people's attention when they walk into your home during all times of year


Yellow is a fun choice for anyone looking to add some pizzazz and color in their flooring or wall tile project. As an earth-tone, it can work well as the only color present on a room's walls or floors.

Yellow Digital Vitrified Tiles

Different Sizes

You can find a variety of sizes in digital vitrified tiles. One size available is the 12-inch by 24-inch, which fits well into small spaces such as bathrooms or kitchens. You will also be able to find 16-inches by 48-inches for larger projects like living rooms and kitchen counters that require more coverage area. But the most common size of digital vitrified tiles is 24-inches by 48-inches, which accommodates a 12 inch installation. Check our size range below: