Nano Vitrified Tiles

Nano vitrified tiles

Admin Vitrified is one of the premium nano polished vitrified tiles and nano tiles manufacturer that manufactures nano tiles using the latest Nanotechnology, each tile undergoes rigorous quality checks that result in high quality, durable and eco-friendly nano vitrified tiles. The Nano vitrified tiles are manufactured by applying a layer of liquid silica on digitally vitrified tiles and later they are filled by the micro or the nanopores on the surface of the tile and makes it smooth.

Nano are an upgrade from the conventional ceramic tiles as they have a layer of nanoparticles that make them water-resistant and dust resistant. The nano vitrified tiles are easy to clean and needs low maintenance and have many variants like vitrified tiles, nano polished vitrified tiles, full body vitrified tiles, double charge tiles, matt porcelain glazed tiles or glazed vitrified tiles commonly known as GVT tiles and polished porcelain glazed tiles or polished glazed vitrified tiles commonly known as PGVT tiles.

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Nano Vitrified Tiles 600 x 600 mm

The vitrified tiles are manufactured using one of the finest techniques known as the dust pressed method from clay that makes the tiles are dense, waterproof, fine-grained and even, with a sharp contrast formed look.

The porcelain or vitrified tiles usually have a considerably lower rate of water absorption, which is approximately less than 0.5% as compared to the ceramic tiles that make them frost resistant or frost-proof. Nano polished vitrified tiles are manufactured when there is an application of a specified layer of silica in the liquid form on to the vitrified tiles, this method plugs the micro or the nanopores on the surface of the tile, which makes it even and smooth. After the nanomaterial coating on the vitrified tiles, these tiles are known as the nano polished vitrified tiles.

The double charge vitrified tiles have two layers of tiles in which the uppermost layer is pressed through a hydraulic press machine that prints textures with a double layer of pigmentation; these tiles are 3mm to 4 mm thick as compared to the other tiles. The manufacturing process of the double charge vitrified tiles does not allow the printing of the complex designs and textures but have wear-tear resistance tile surfaces that are best suited for heavy traffic areas.

The full body vitrified tiles have an even tone pigmentation and texture throughout the tile. This yields them chips resistant and scratch-resistant and thus is considered to be one of the best-opted tiles in the heavy traffic areas. The nanomaterial coating on these tiles makes them stain resistant and dirt resistant too.

The matt porcelain glazed tiles or the glazed vitrified tiles are commonly known as the GVT tiles, they are glazed surfaced tiles printed through the digital printing technology. Admin Vitrified is a nano tiles manufacturer company that offers a vast range of colour, design, and surface textures of GVT tiles.

The polished porcelain glazed tiles or the polished glazed vitrified tiles are commonly known as PGVT tiles. These tiles are akin to the GVT tiles but after the digital printing, a glaze coating is added to the tiles that make them glossy and more appealing.

They are commonly used as vitrified flooring in residential complexes such as bungalows, flats, individual houses as well as various commercial buildings and corporate offices.